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Summer Vibes EAA Aminos Naughty Boy


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The instructions for consuming Amino EAA are as follows:

1. Mix 1 serving, which is equivalent to 11.5g (1 level scoop), with 400ml of ice-cold water. This will create a drinkable mixture that can be easily consumed.

2. Amino EAA can be taken at various times throughout your day and training routine:

- Before Training: Consuming Amino EAA before your workout session may help provide your muscles with essential amino acids to support performance and recovery during exercise.

- During Training: Amino EAA can be taken during your workout to help sustain energy levels, support muscle recovery, and prevent muscle breakdown during intense training sessions.

- Post-Training: Amino EAA consumption after your workout can aid in promoting muscle recovery, replenishing amino acid stores, and supporting muscle repair and growth.

- Between Meals: Amino EAA can be consumed between meals to support recovery, provide a source of essential amino acids, and fuel performance throughout the day.

3. Amino EAA can also be taken on non-training days to help maintain muscle health, support recovery, and ensure an adequate intake of essential amino acids even when not engaging in physical activity.

By following these guidelines and incorporating Amino EAA into your daily routine, you can support muscle recovery, performance, and overall health. Remember to adjust the timing and frequency of consumption based on your individual training schedule, goals, and dietary needs.

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