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The Formula comes in strong for those trainers who require steady energy but to be calculated within their training sessions and provides steady focus with very intense, long lasting pumps via multiple pathways!

The following doses are based on a 20g (2 scoop serving) from the 400g tub;

6000mg Citrulline Malate: Citrulline, the main staple over its previous counter part, Arginine. this amino acid offers reduced fatigue and supports elevated levels of nitric acid which at the dose given will provide huge muscle pumps.

3000mg Beta Alanine: the tingling one, this non-essential amino is what makes us tingle at the start, it increases carnosine levels which helps us buffer lactic acid which causes us reduced fatigue while training, can also increase strength and endurance significantly with continual use.

3000mg Creatine Monohydrate: this addition was for all the powerlifters and strength athletes to power their big lifts before they use this ingredient's water based pumps! Creatine speaks for itself, tried & tested so needed including.

2000mg L-Arginine Nitrate: another nitrate for the pump chasers, arginine as previously mentioned was the top dog for pump products and the nitrate version helps increase the nitric acid levels even more, helping with improved blood flow and huge vasodilatory effects.

2000mg Glycerblast™ (minimum 50% Glycerol powder): Glycerblast is a microencapsulated form of glycerol Powder containing 50% pure glycerol. Unlike nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and creates a pump, glycerol loads your muscles with more water and inflates them with extra fluid, creating a more powerful water-based pump. Studies have shown that glycerol supplementation has a positive effect on both aerobic and anaerobic power output, increasing endurance exhaustion time by 24% or boosting exercise power by at least 5%, a significant increase in performance!

1000mg Taurine: Improved recovery, Increased energy and Cognitive support, this amino acid like ingredient can help provide energy and improve memory and neutralise free radicals which helps reduce stress and maximise performance physically and mentally.

600mg Rednite™: One more nitrate, This red spinach extract was a must for me, a great source of dietary nitrates that will convert into nitric acid to further facilitate huge pumps in the gym as well as other health benefits.

500mg Himalayan Pink Salt: Added to ensure hydration and electrolytes are balanced to ensure peak performance, we also added this to further ensure there was adequate water held in the body to further facilitate the goal here and that's getting pumped!

300mg Epicatechin (derived from green tea): This will offer a nice subtle performance advantage and focus to power us through our workouts without causing us crashes post exercise, lots of other health benefits also.

300mg Grapeseed Extract: this ingredient is in this product largely to increase the effectiveness of the others, it can also help with fat burning via energy conversion of the cells, further cognitive output and focus.

50mg Vitacholine™: This patented form of Choline Birtartrate, provides increased brain function by being the precursor to the neurotransmitter acetyl choline, this helps with really focusing and tunnel visioned into the gym session. its also worth noting its vast array of benefits involving the optimal muscle function, liver health & decreasing oxidative stress in the body.

50mg S7™: The research behind this patented product shows that just the dose of 50mg can increase nitric oxide production by 230%, it's also a brilliant non-stimulant option for energy which is fantastic for us & may provide some antioxidant properties to help recovery.

Enjoy this one, a very clean buzz with huge pumps that make it very hard to leave the gym & some incredible flavours, let us know your favourite!

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