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OG Swell – Glycerol Pump Serum


Tired of clumpy pre-workout powders? This could be the one for you. The issue with powdered glycerol is that even the stabilised versions are very hygroscopic (attract water) and so over time can result in a product clumping, rendering it difficult to use.
Look no further than OG Swell™, a liquid glycerol which provides the benefits associated with glycerol supplementation without the clumps and at efficacious, studied amounts.
Take this product on its own or stack without your pre-workout or even intra-workout drink to support hydration status, performance and deliver those full looking ‘juicy’ pumps.

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  • Pumps
  • Stackable
  • Effective dosing
  • Hydration

Key Features

  • Glycerol – 12.5g / 25g
  • Sodium Chloride – 500mg/ 1000mg

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