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Methandienone (mainly known as methanol/dbol) has gained much popularity among those involved in strength and bodybuilding sports. Its origin was, of course, the powerful anabolic properties of this compound. Unfortunately, its use caused significant side effects, making it impossible to purchase in many countries worldwide. However, there is no need to do so, as a much more exciting alternative has appeared on the market. It is a compound referred to as M 1,4AAD, found in Koka Labz capsules, among others.

This compound, like methandienone, has a strong anabolic effect. As a result, it can be used in preparation for competitions, as M 1,4AAD effectively promotes the expansion of musculature. In addition, its supplementation also leads to significantly more impressive strength and endurance results. Moreover, M 1,4AAD reduces the adverse effects of natural cortisol and inhibits muscle catabolism. This significantly facilitates the maintenance of the developed physique.

The described preparation also has other interesting properties. One of them is the support of the fat-burning process. Here again, it is worth referring to the example of athletes who are in the phase of preparation for competition. A supplement containing M 1,4AAD will achieve the effect of a trim figure, which will look much more impressive. In addition, some reports speak of a positive effect of this compound on nitric oxide synthesis. Thus, a more intense muscle pump will be another nice effect of the supplementation.