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Tired of clumpy pre-workout powders? This could be the one for you. The issue with powdered glycerol is that even the stabilised versions are very hygroscopic (attract water) and so over time can result in a product clumping, rendering it difficult to use.
Look no further than OG Swell™, a liquid glycerol which provides the benefits associated with glycerol supplementation without the clumps and at efficacious, studied amounts.
Take this product on its own or stack without your pre-workout or even intra-workout drink to support hydration status, performance and deliver those full looking ‘juicy’ pumps.



  • Pumps
  • Stackable
  • Effective dosing
  • Hydration

"Thank Pump For That" is BACK!
The fan favourite non-stimulant pre-workout is back and better than ever.
Thank Pump For That promotes nitric oxide production for increased blood flow and muscle pumps during your workouts as well as dialled in focus to help make the most out of every movement in the gym. This formulation contains ingredients that work together to enhance the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles, reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, and deliver the sickest
vascularity and dialled-in focus that users of the previous versions of Thank Pump For That expect.. and then some.


Stim Plus contains stimulants caffeine and juglans regia in capsule form, making them a convenient and useful addition to your workouts if you need a hit of energy or wanted to add some stimulants to your non-stim pre-workout without having to mix two
different flavours together. At efficacious dosages and at 60 servings these are great to keep on hand for when you need them.


  •  Energy
  •  Focus
  •  Alertness
  • Convenience

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