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Crack Pre Workout Dark Labs DMHA


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Dark Labs Crack is one of the hottest selling pre workouts. It’s loaded with high stims, but does not overwhelm the user overdosing the caffeine which means a more sustained duration of effect without the nasty side effects you see from some pre workouts. Crack is more than just a stim bomb thanks to it providing very hefty doses of ergogenics designed to facilitate enhanced pumps and performance.

Crack Formula:

Not just a stim-bomb, crack also contains ingredients for performance, focus and pump.

In each serving, you'll get arginine and agmatine for pump.

This is in addition to beta alanine and citrulline malate, both fully dosed.

On the stim front, there is a massive 400mg caffeine and, 120mg of 2-aminoisoheptane.

Choline is included as a cognition booster. 500 mg is a great dosage and on the upper end of a typical daily dose.

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