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CarbX Applied Nutrition 1.2kg


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Carb-X™ is a cutting-edge supplement that features Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin carbs, also known as Cluster Dextrin®, which are highly soluble and provide a rapid source of energy. This makes Carb-X an ideal choice for individuals looking to fuel their workouts and enhance their performance.

By incorporating Carb-X into your supplement routine, you can experience a quick and efficient source of energy that can help support your training goals. Additionally, Carb-X can be seamlessly integrated with Applied Nutrition's BCAA and EAA formulas to further optimize your performance and recovery.

For an even more comprehensive approach to your fitness regimen, consider pairing Carb-X with Applied Nutrition's i-Drive™. This combination can help you achieve your fitness goals more effectively by providing the necessary energy and support for your workouts.

Take your training to the next level with Carb-X and its synergistic pairing options from Applied Nutrition. Fuel your workouts, support your recovery, and maximize your performance with these innovative supplements.

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Weight1.5 kg

Fruit Burst, Orange Burst, Unflavoured