Are you ready to take your workouts to the next level? Today, we dive into some of the strongest pre workouts available in the UK. We’ll take a detailed look at the various editions of Crack by Dark Labs and see how other super-strong pre workouts measure up against them.

Dark Labs Crack Pre Workout Editions:

The Original Version (Purple Tub)

The original version of Crack contains either DMHA or DMAA, depending on the flavour. Is this a misprint or deliberate? Only Dark Labs can answer that. They certainly both feel equally strong when used. The pump ingredients fight against strong stimulants that vasoconstrict. An interesting inclusion is Animate Sulfate, which helps with muscle pumps, prevents tolerance to ingredients, and increases pain threshold. It also includes a couple of forms of nitrates and L-Norvaline to enhance the pump.

Sceletium Tortuosum Extract, more commonly known as Kanna, is a fantastic addition, lowering anxiety, boosting mood by increasing dopamine, and promoting wakefulness by increasing energy and reducing fatigue. Despite its high stimulant content and decent pump ingredients, it is low on focus ingredients. This edition is the most popular and is most similar to the original Jack3d formula.

Crack Primal

Crack Primal ramps up the stimulant load beyond the original but reduces the pump ingredients while massively boosting the nootropics and focus ingredients. The stimulant panel includes beta-phenylethylamine, three forms of caffeine, 250mg DMHA, halostachine, and alpha yohimbine.

Choline bitartrate is replaced by the superior Alpha GPC, enhancing tunnel vision during workouts. L-tyrosine is added for focus and to extend the half-life of the stimulants, preventing the dreaded crash. Noopept, the brain-boosting nootropic, significantly aids in developing a mind-muscle connection during your workout. Alongside beta-alanine, naringin is included to increase endurance and delay fatigue.

Crack Gold

Crack Gold is the only edition that combines 200mg DMHA and 100mg DMAA in one pre-workout, making it undoubtedly the strongest stimulant version of Crack. While the pump and focus ingredients are present, they are overshadowed by the immense stimulant load. Eria Jarensis, a feel-good stimulant that boosts mood by increasing dopamine, is included. Two types of caffeine give a total of 500mg, pushing the limits of safe consumption—definitely not for the faint-hearted. Alpha yohimbine and hordinine complete the stimulant panel.

Crack Diamond Edition

I recently tried Crack Diamond Edition. Although it drops the DMHA found in other versions, the combination of stimulants is top-tier. However, even with both Kanna and L-tyrosine to prevent a crash, I still experienced a post-workout crash. This edition is a classic example of why you should stick with all-rounder or non stim pre workouts if you don’t take these products regularly.

So, What’s the Best of the Rest?

Who is ready to take Dark Labs’ undead king crown?

Prohibition by Bootleg Labz

Despite the tame-looking panel, we’re receiving reports of unreal energy and strength gains with Prohibition. The stimulant content isn’t far off Crack! We don’t fully understand it yet, but it deserves a mention for the results it’s getting.

Super Human Supreme by Alpha Lion

If Crack pre workouts don’t suit you but you still want a top-end stimulant pre workout, check out Super Human Supreme. It contains 400mg of caffeine in two forms, juniper berry for a good mood stimulant experience, NN-Dimethylalanine (another name for Eria Jarensis, a feel-good but super-strong stimulant), and N-Methyltyramine to complete the stimulant panel.

The pump and performance ingredients in this pre workout are also stacked! With 7g of citrulline malate, a clinically relevant 100mg of S7 to drive nitric oxide production, betaine anhydrous to draw water into the muscles and boost gym performance, and L-theanine to prevent any crash, it’s a solid choice.

Stay Tuned

This is just part one—expect regular updates as the pre-workout market changes rapidly. Keep pushing your limits and stay informed with the latest and greatest in pre workout supplements!