My Top Cycle Support Supplements from Supplement Needs

At our supplement store, we pride ourselves on offering only the best in cycle support and vitamins. One brand that stands out in the UK for its comprehensive range of products is Supplement Needs. Having personally used several of their offerings, I can confidently say that some of them have become my go-to cycle support supplements. Here are my top three picks:

Supplement Needs Heart Stack – 180 Capsules

From the moment I started using the Heart Stack, I noticed an immediate improvement in how I felt. The regimen is simple: three capsules in the morning and three in the evening. The ingredient panel is both extensive and impressive, utilizing the best forms of each ingredient. It covers basics like Vitamin D and includes powerful components like citrus bergamot, which helps lower cholesterol. It also features tried-and-true supplements such as Coenzyme Q10 and garlic extract, along with the cutting-edge EvnolMax. My blood lipid results have shown significant improvement since I started using this product, making it an essential part of my daily routine.

Supplement Needs Omega 3 High Strength – 90 Capsules

This Omega 3 supplement stands out for its ease of digestion. Unlike many other Omega 3 products, it doesn’t cause any digestive discomfort or the dreaded fishy aftertaste. The freshness and quality of the ingredients are apparent, and I trust Dr. Dean St. Mart, the knowledgeable owner of Supplement Needs, to provide only the best. Since I rarely eat oily fish, supplementing with Omega 3 has been crucial for me to reap its health and body composition benefits.

Supplement Needs TUDCA and NAC

The transformative power of TUDCA and NAC became evident when one of our personal trainers used it to combat severe liver issues and jaundice. His liver values showed a remarkable turnaround, and his overall health visibly improved. He reported feeling better each day he took it. This product is designed for liver and kidney health, and our trainer continued using it for an extended period due to its additional benefits on mental state and gym performance. For me, TUDCA and NAC have been vital whenever I use any oral compounds. My liver blood values have remained within range, whereas previously, they would have doubled the maximum levels.


These three products from Supplement Needs have proven to be game-changers in my cycle support regimen. Whether it’s maintaining heart health, ensuring optimal Omega 3 intake, or protecting liver and kidney functions, Supplement Needs offers reliable and effective solutions. If you’re looking to enhance your cycle support strategy, I highly recommend giving these products a try.